Found Pigeons

If you find a racing pigeon, we will be grateful if you report it. You can use the “contact us” feature on this website to let us know you have found a racing pigeon, and we will be in touch as soon as we can. Racing pigeons all have an identifying band or ring around one leg. This band is placed on the bird when it is only about a week old and is a permanent identifier for the pigeon when it is entered in a race or a pigeon show, and verifies the ownership of the pigeon. In addition, some pigeon fanciers will stamp their name and telephone number on young birds. When pigeons are very young and just learning to fly, they can sometimes stray (or be taken by a flock) too far from home, and they can get lost.

So – if you have a pigeon hanging around your house which appears to be lost, and it has an identifying band on its leg, try to catch it (often this can be done after dark) and let us know the band details. Don’t forget to look on the wing feathers in case there is a stamp with information which may enable you to contact the owner direct.