About Us

Come Fly with the race horses of the sky.

This is the website of the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation in New Zealand,  with a number of affiliated clubs with members from Meremere in the South to Wellsford in the North.

The Auckland Pigeon Racing Federation is dedicated to the Growth, Preservation and Support of pigeon racing in Auckland .

Elsewhere on this site you will find a link to the race programme for the current and/or next racing season.
The pigeon racing seasons run from February to May for young pigeons and mid August to December for all pigeons.

President: Craig Gray

Secretary: Colin Webster

Treasurer: Garry Edwards

Senior Vice President: Neale Maxwell

Junior Vice President: Glen Littlejohn

Race Secretary: TBA

Publicity Officer / Web Master: Steve McLuskie. email:steve.mcluskie@xtra.co.nz

Transport Manager: Peter Longville Jr.

Liberation Coordinator: John Stavert

Futurity Secretary: Steve McLuskie

Rules and Regulations Document:

ARPF Rules & Regulations 2015


You can contact us on the “Contact Us” page of this website by clicking the link at the top of this window.